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I was born and raised on the near north side of Chicago — brought nothing but misery into the lives of my teachers, and caused my parents to age at a quickened rate. Due to a clerical error, I got into the University of Illinois, first at Chicago (Navy Pier), then Urbana-Champaign, ultimately receiving the PhD in EE in 1970. Post­doc­tor­al work (EE at USC, Chemistry at Cambridge (UK) and Berkeley) was followed by a faculty appoint­ment in 1973 at USC in the EE Department.

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  • Dr. Curt Wittig is interviewd by Chemical and Engineering News on May 2, 2011. Link
  • Bill and Christi (Bradforth group) spent a glorious month in Berlin taking data at BESSY (Berliner Elektronenspeicherring-Gesellschaft für Synchrotronstrahlung).
  • Oscar attended a IUPAC meeting in Glasgow where he presented our results from the Cold Water project.
  • The Conference on Molecular Energy Transfer held in Arcachon France (near Bordeaux) was attended by a number of group members (plus friends and spouses): Chris and Joy, Anton and Anna, Bill and Christi, Lee-Ann and Matt, and Jessica. The Heavy Metal Project: Hydride Dissociation was awarded first prize in the poster competition, and Anton was chosen to organize the next Student Symposium part of the conference.
  • Curt and Michele spent sabbaticals in New York (respectively Columbia and NYU) during the first half of 2010.
  • The 2009 Gordon Conference on Molecular Energy Transfer honored Curt's contributions in this area. Thanks go to Floyd Davis and Anna Krylov for organizing this.
  • Jaimie and Stephanie joined the Cold Water project.

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