The Wittig Group


Our group’s research addresses fundamental issues germane to a number of interesting and relevant gaseous and condensed phase (liquid and solid) environments. Experimental studies are combined with complementary theoretical work in collaboration with theory groups such as that of Anna Krylov. A bit of pencil-and-paper theory is done separately on fundamental issues at the interface between chemistry and physics. Recent and ongoing studies are:

  1. Photoionization of Ir(ppy)3 — arguably the most important organic light emitting diode (OLED) molecule — is being examined, both experimentally and theoretically.
  2. The physical basis of spins of massless and massive “particles” have been examined, and applying gauge field theory to Born-Oppenheimer systems is underway.
  3. The Cold Water Project studies numerous aspects of doped amorphous solid water (ASW) thin films: ultraslow reactions, clathrate formation and properties, phase explosions, morphological changes, species segregation, phase transitions, astrophysical and astrochemical applications, and so on. This is carried out jointly with Hanna Reisler.
  4. Photophysics and photochemistry in superfluid helium nanodroplets has been examined for a number of dopants and phenomena.
  5. A combined experimental and theoretical study of the C2H radical is being initiated. Do not be misled by the fact that this radical is small. Conical intersections among the low-lying potentials leads to complex dynamics. The goal is to unravel this benchmark system at an unprecedented level of detail.

Details of items (3) and (5) are given below.


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